Last night I had an interesting dream, something I rarely do these days, not the interesting part, but the dreaming in general.  It was rather pervasive, hanging on and returning with my regular awakenings.  It was about my funeral, the planning of which has been something at the fore of my mind lately.  While, in a large part, I believe these things to be for those left behind, I have asked to ‘direct’ several aspects.  Principally, I have asked a number of people to ‘carry me’, having given each an assigned spot.  I also asked for a Masonic service, it does attend to the core of my religious beliefs.  I asked the affair not be something morbid, shrouded in the darkness of despair, but rather an acknowledgement that death is part of life. As part of the latter I suggested, and have begun asking, certain people say a few words, remembrances of a good times had or simply any ‘words of wisdom’.  Lastly, I requested my niece coordinate the event. Now, back to the dream.

In the dream I found myself at the funeral home taking with a number of faceless people in the room.  Also in the room resided the casket containing my body, closed for the time but within the discussions it seemed as though I was the funeral director, the person responsible for all the preparations, the placing of the flowers, and, the presentation of the body

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