I was browsing around the web the other day and came across a blog posted on Forbes written by a contributor named Jessica Hagy.  She is an artist and writer who incorporates simple diagram like art to underscore the points she makes.  The post I happened to come upon is called “40 Things to Say Before You Die” ( http://www.forbes.com/sites/jessicahagy/2012/10/04/40-things-to-say-before-you-die/ ) and it immediately reminded me of my earlier post on those who write things about what to do before we die, how we feel when learning we will die or how we react to the news we will die.  The post was too inviting to me and so I read the list, looking for one little nugget, perhaps two, that could enlighten me.

I read the list and, as is usually the case with these lists, I was left with little to grasp.  Many of the forty statements were, for all intents and purposes, offered the obvious while others seemed more something contrived to make the list complete.  However, in the, the list left me asking the same questions always found with these lists and so I decided to leave a comment.  It went like this;

“Interesting list and as with all of these types of things I wonder with what credibility any of the authors write. I see a lot of movies, talk shows and other venues by those who proclaim things to do before we die. I suppose one may not have to be dying to express an opinion on what to say before actually being placed on that path. However, I also wonder if those who do express these opinions, who write the script about what we feel about dying and our responses would hold to those views when actually put into the scenario, to actually be ‘dying’. For me, while I found the list entertaining and in some ways acknowledging the obvious, at least to me, I think it misses, and for that matter works to expand, what can be a very annotated list, a list which encompasses all in this list and is perhaps easier to remember. My list is composed of one and that is ‘live life for life, do not live it for death’. By the way, I am dying from a very nasty case of prostate cancer.”

Jessica did what is referred to as ‘called out’ my comment.  I wonder if she recognized the point I made or simply felt no matter what I may have written, it was credible because after all, I am dying.

Happy reading, happy thoughts and happy trails.

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