I was reminded the other day that it’s been a while sine I’ve written anything and indeed it has been.  The principal reason has been two-fold.  First, I’ve been terribly busy with a number of projects, including how to approach my next treatment and what therapy to choose.  Second, in addition to my normal work schedule, I began a quest to assist my Johns Hopkins doctor friend in locating people within a couple of the large pharma companies.  The latter was, to say the least, challenging, but at least partially successful.

Anyhow, during this time different things provoked a number of thoughts.  However, for this writing I’ll focus on something I’ve seen posted and re-posted by my Facebook friends, some of whom know of my condition, most who have no idea.  What they were posting, and I forget the exact verbiage so I’ll paraphrase – the one and only thing a cancer patient wishes for is a cure.  Interesting thought I guess, but I wonder how so many believe it so.

For me, I’ve not really thought about a cure, or at least that is not high on my list of wishes at this point.  Somehow I think the focus on a cure is pretty myopic because there are so many other things that are much more important in my life.  For example, my primary wish, that which is most important to me, is that my son find and retain success and happiness in his life.  Whether or not I’m here to share it with him is really moot and, as many will say, beyond my control.  Why, because as  pointed out when talking about my projected longevity in light of my disease, many will say they could die tomorrow by being hit by a bus and die well before me.  The interesting thing about that response is the same could be the case for me and so whether or not I’m cured will have little bearing on my son’s fortunes.  So the real question is why I, or any cancer patient, I preoccupy myself with a cure when there are much more important things in life.

Just a thought for the day and something to consider when, or if you happen to see or repost similar comments on Facebook or any other place for that matter.

Happy reading, happy thoughts and happy trails.

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