I thought it time to spread my wings a bit, to expand my reach and grow the universe of those who follow the blog.  To that end, Life’s Abstractions now has a Facebook page and Twitter account to go with the blog.  I can’t say I’ll be doing a lot of tweeting in the near future, it took nearly 1 year to fully engage the Facebook page, but it will come.  Also, soon to come will be the beginnings of a full fledged attempt to collect these thoughts into a book, something which will try to present a cohesive and flowing accounting of that which I write here.  So, if all goes well, you should also soon see a button enabling you to “Like” the corresponding Facebook page directly on the blog, but for now, you can just do a search for “Life’s Abstractions” or use this link to go directly to the Facebook page.

Happy reading and happy trails.

Feel free to comment or you may email me at lifeabstractions@gmail.com


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